What to expect and how to prepare

  • Students are to prepare their own piece or exercise for auditions. Choose something that you feel comfortable with that showcases your strengths. More advanced students can play a solo or excerpt from a concert or marching piece, and beginners can demonstrate rudiments, scales, or whatever you may be comfortable showcasing.
  • Don't stress- this audition is not about being the best of the best; I want to see you enjoy yourself and make music!
  • Here are the instruments provided at Bennett Drum Studio: snare, timpani (29" and 26"), xylophone, concert bass drum, tambourine, triangle, drum set, and hand percussion (cajon, djembe, doumbek and bodhran).
  • If your prepared piece is for marimba, vibraphone, or any other instrument not listed, you can film your audition at school or wherever you have access and we will review it together during your audition time.
  • There is also a short interview so I can get to know you and learn about your journey in music. This is not an inquisition and there are no right answers, just be yourself!
  • This entire process should take no more than 30 minutes, and we'll probably talk about whatever you play as well. You should walk away with some new knowledge and feeling better about your playing than when you arrived!
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